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Is it time to freshen up your living room?

At Furniture Solutions, we offer in-store and in-home design services based on your needs. We’re the experts at space planning and design layout to achieve the look and feel you desire in your living space. Whether you’re looking to redesign just your living room or your entire home, we want to help. We love what we do, and we’re excited to start working with you. Come in and view our selection of high-end and contemporary living room furniture in our Appleton, WI showroom. If you’re not sure where to begin and could use some living room furniture ideas, contact us to set up an appointment for an in-home design consultation. Our design consultants would be happy to help you transform your house into a home with our fabulous living room furniture sets!

Living room

View Our Living Room Groupings in Our Showroom

At Furniture Solutions, we have a wide selection of brands and styles to fit the design vision you have in mind. Many of our products can also be customized. For the best experience, please visit our showroom today to see all we can offer! While you’re here browsing our living room furniture sets, be sure to ask about our interior design and consulting services to allow us to help you select the right furniture for your home.

Our wide variety of living room furniture in Appleton, WI includes all of the following:

  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Occasional/Accent Chairs
  • End Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Media and Entertainment Centers
  • And more!

Living Room Furniture Ideas to Help Redecorate Your Space

Furniture is a significant investment when you add up all the pieces you’ll purchase within your lifetime. Nobody wants to be stuck with an uncomfortable chair they never use or a sectional sofa overpowering the room and creating an eyesore. When redecorating your living room, there are certain steps you can follow to ensure your satisfaction for many years to come. Furniture Solutions offers the following living room furniture ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Sort Your Priorities – First, you must take a closer look at your existing living room furniture. Which pieces are cherished family heirlooms? Do you have any outdated furniture that you could get rid of in a yard sale or by making a charitable donation? Just because a piece no longer fits your needs, it doesn’t mean it’s unsuitable for use in a different room or home.
  • Decide a Color Scheme – Deciding upon a color scheme early is essential to selecting the right pieces that will complement it. Color sets the tone and style for your room. Muted colors, such as blue or green, can help you create a relaxing living room, while bolder colors like red, yellow, or orange are said to make a room feel more vibrant and energized. You could also decide to use your color sparingly, adding bright accent pieces to more neutral-colored furniture. Another thing to keep in mind is furniture and colors sometimes look different in the showroom when compared to how they look once you bring them home. Color swatches are a good idea if your furniture store offers them.
  • Measure Your Space – We cannot stress the importance of measuring your space enough! You don’t want your new living room to feel overcrowded by putting furniture that’s too large in it. Furniture Solutions offers a selection of furniture to accommodate rooms of all sizes, even small living room furniture to help you make a space look and feel more open. You’ll need to measure your room’s space and doorways to ensure your furniture will fit inside without causing damage to walls or the pieces themselves.
  • Furniture Fitting Your Lifestyle – Don’t make the mistake of purchasing furniture that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, think about who’s going to be climbing all over that furniture once you bring it home. Perhaps you can buy a cheaper sectional now and invest in higher-end pieces once you have an empty nest. Talk to our design consultants for more tips!

Quality Modern Living Room Furniture Brands We Trust

Furniture Solutions handpicks the very best modern living room furniture brands to bring you a superior selection in our Appleton, WI store. Among the brands we trust are American Leather, Bassett, Fairfield, Kincaid, Leathercraft, Lexington, Norwalk Furniture, Stanley Furniture, Stickley, and Wesley Hall. Each of these furniture brands has been selected for offering durability and visual appeal.

See Our Contemporary Living Room Furniture in Appleton, WI

At Furniture Solutions, we never apply a high-pressure sales approach in our showroom in Appleton, WI. We believe furniture shopping requires time to discover your likes and dislikes. That’s why we’re willing to walk you through the redecorating process with an in-home design consultation or exceptional customer service when you visit us. Our furniture store’s living room sets come in all sizes, styles, and price points to suit your needs. If you’ve ever thought about upgrading your living room furniture, contact Furniture Solutions today to get started!


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