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Featured Furniture: NEW Stressless Gallery

Breaking News: The furniture solutions website is growing with the addition of the Stressless Gallery


Stressless Gallery Elements:

  • Browse our entire inventory of Stressless reclining furniture

  • View available size/base options for each piece of Stressless furniture

  • Multiple room scene photos are available for each piece of furniture

  • A link to the Stressless Design Center for total customization options for your furniture of choice

We wanted our furniture family to have even more exposure to our beautiful Stressless reclining furniture at Furniture Solutions. So, for the first time ever, we have created a beautiful online gallery of the Stressless furniture that we represent. Nothing is comparable to the personalized design services you receive from our professional interior designers, but this online gallery is meant to inspire your thoughts.

You can browse all of our favorite Stressless recliners to explore your personal design fit. Each recliner will feature available sizes, base options, and multiple photos to see if it works its magic for you home. Do you want to customize your recliner more to find a perfect fit for you? We have included a link to the Stressless digital design center where you can do exactly that for any recliner/sofa!

This is something that we have had in the works for a while, and it is very exciting to finally allow our customers to utilize this tool for their design inspirations. Find something you like in the Stressless gallery but you’re not sure if the color, leather, or base option is the perfect fit? Visit our beautiful store to browse our Stressless collection and our professional trained Stressless interior designers can customize that recliner to fit your preferences.


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