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Stickley is the best of the best when producing quality hardwood American furniture. Each piece of furniture is crafted with honor, tradition, and pride to maintain their excellence in the finest custom designs.


The Stickley story began with three defining words: Als Ik Kan — ”to the best of my ability.” This elder Flemish craftsman’s phrase has been the guiding principle of Stickley since 1900. Gustav Stickley marked his product with this phrase to emphasize that Stickley American made furniture was of the finest quality worldwide.

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2021 Collector Edition Harvey Ellis Desk
Harvey Ellis Desk Console Collectors Gra

2021 Collector Edition

Own your piece of history from Stickley Furniture by pre-ordering the 2021 Collector Edition:

Harvey Ellis Console Desk

Hurry in! Pre-ordering extended to years end December 31st!

Harvey Ellis Desk Console w_ Stool