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Featured Furniture: Smith Brothers Living Room New Arrivals

Smith Brothers Furniture: Style & Comfort, Your Way! At Furniture Solutions!

As the holiday season approaches, we are featuring some new arrivals in our showroom from Smith Brothers Furniture. These new pieces showcase comfortable additions for your living room, while enhancing the style of your home.


The Smith Brothers 270 Sofa & Chair set is the perfect compact solution for a room that needs a splash of style and character.

Take special notice to the nail heads on the edges of the furniture that offer a delightful small element without demanding the attention of the room.

This specific sofa and chair combination are available for your own personal customization because Smith Brothers believes their furniture is best when designed Your way. Visit our retail store and work with our talented interior designers to create your personal Smith Brothers Furniture solution.


One of our favorite pieces within our ENTIRE showroom, this 825 Stationary chair by Smith Brothers Furniture is a beautiful addition to any room and is so comfortable. This piece is stunning, and one of the solution spotlights we love to see. The combination of fabric and leather with stunning nail heads is another example of how we customize a unique look for your room that provides style, quality and comfort.

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of beauty to a room, or you want a chair that enhances your enjoyment of an evening glass of fine wine, this is the Chair that will satisfy all your needs and has the option of a matching ottoman too.


Smith Brothers leather is always a sight to see. The 263 Sofa is the latest addition to our showroom that exemplifies the genuine leather sofas from Smith Brothers out of Berne, IN.

This piece features a Shagbark wood finish, which can be customizable to your personal preferences, just as the rest of the piece can be adjusted to Your design.

One design aspect to note, all 263 Sofa pieces feature a scalloped or curved front profile, which is a stylish element that makes this Smith Brothers sofa a premium find. It is absolutely stunning paired with the 825 chair.


Whether you're expecting your children home for the holidays, have a cozy safe party, or want to give the perfect gift for a special someone, our new arrivals from Smith Brothers Furniture are guaranteed to steal the moment with their beauty and comfort.

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Feb 02, 2021

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