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Featured Furniture: Stickley 2021 Collector Edition

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The long awaited Stickley 2021 Collector Edition has arrived. You can pre-order your piece of history now @ Furniture Solutions in Appleton, WI.

We all have been anxiously waiting for the new 2021 collection edition from Stickley Furniture. For those who aren’t aware of Stickley Furniture, they have been a staple in the high-end furniture manufacturing industry for over a century. Whenever they are preparing to debut a new collector piece, our anticipation is always at its peak.

As a proud retailer of Stickley products, it is our privilege to represent their furniture each and every day. The quality of Stickley craftsmanship is insurmountable and is noticeable through their designs & long-lasting furniture. Every new collection produced by Stickley promises us more transcending designs that stick to the richest manufacturing traditions.

As promised, The 2021 Stickley Collector Edition:


The Collector Edition 2021 Harvey Ellis Desk (see image above) is the featured piece within this beautiful collection that brings the foundation of Stickley furniture to life. Stickley never forgets where it came from, it has a strong belief in its rich history of producing the best furniture.

When examining the history of Stickley, there is no better characteristic than gorgeous arts & crafts influences on their craftsmanship. The 2021 collector edition Harvey Ellis Desk (see image on right) features those clean, crisp, & candid elements with finish to marvel at. Whether you are an avid collector of the best Stickley furniture or just enjoy a beautiful piece in your home, this collection piece will exceed your expectations. To learn more about the Stickley 2021 Collector Edition, click here, or watch the video below!

View the rest of the 2021 collector edition in the gallery below:



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